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Eye Exam

San Antonio


San Antonio, TX



We believe in eyecare for the whole family, eyecare for everyone! Our commitment to exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again.

We have two locations in the San Antonio area, 


Call or Text (830) 357-0736


  • 11745 W I-10,San Antonio, TX 78230

  • 18255 Blanco Rd,  San Antonio, TX 78258


Everyone Eyecare is an optometry office dedicated to personal eyecare. 

It is the perfect fit for every member of the family. We specialize in general eye exams, contact lens exams, vision therapy, and medical eye exams. 

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Optomap Retinal Imaging

We proudly offer retinal imaging at all of our locations. Optomap retinal imaging is a convenient alternative to dilation. Viewing the internal health of your eyes is standard of care and is performed every year. The Optomap is a full picture of the back of the eye. It takes less than a minute and has no side effects. Unlike dilation, there are no drops, waiting period, and side effects. Speak to one of our doctors to see if the Optomap is right for you.


Meet The Doctor

Dr. Dhimiter Llambiri, O.D.

Therapeutic Optometrist

Dr. Dhimiter Llambiri is an independent doctor and graduate of Salus University class of 2013. He has trained and completed his rotations primarily at The Eye Institute of Philadelphia and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of Miami. He has been working in private practice for many years specializing in Contact Lenses, Dry Eye, and Binocular Vision.


Dr. Llambiri sees patients of all ages and is dedicated to providing family eyecare. He believes that all kids should have an eye exam at an early age to avoid learning issues in school. A regular eye exam with an Optometrist can diagnose the need for glasses or vision therapy which can easily assist in the success of a child's schooling.


He is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing many forms of ocular disease such as Keratoconus, Cataracts Strabismus, and more.

After living the majority of his life in New York, Dr. Llambiri and his family have moved to Texas for a better quality of life and enjoy all that Texas has to offer!

Dr. Monica Tadros

Dr. Monica Tadros was born in North Carolina where she completed her degree in Human Biology with a minor in Religious Studies at the North Carolina State University graduating in 2013. She then went into her doctoral program graduating in 2018 as a Doctor in Optometry at the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Florida. She trained and completed rotations with her university specializing in primary care optometry including cataract and LASIK post-op. Dr. Tadros has experience volunteering for local vision screening to help those in need, she believes that vision is one of the most important senses that a human can have. Once a month for her church she helps organize an event and spends time with her community and family. 


Vision Therapy

At Everyone Eyecare, Dr. Llambiri believes that every child or adult in need of vision therapy should be able to attain a personalized vision therapy program. 

Each vision therapy program is custom curated for each patient and is made to be completed in the comfort of their own home. Once an evaluation is completed a patient is provided with their own set schedule and proper training on how to complete therapy activities. From there, patients will return for further training, consultations and progress evaluations up until the final evaluation. 

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Call to schedule an exam
TEXT or CALL: 830 - 357- 0736
Walks-ins are welcome!


  • arrive 10 minutes early

  • arrive with ID and insurance cards

  • arrive with previous glasses and or contact lenses

  • arrive with your medications list 

We are currently in our start-up phase, we plan on adding more hours very soon. 

We have two locations in the San Antonio area, 


Call or Text (830) 357-0736


  • 11745 W I-10,San Antonio, TX 78230

  • 18255 Blanco Rd,  San Antonio, TX 78258

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Tricare Select - Medicare -BCBS - Aetna


United Health Care - MEDICAID 

Although the list above encompasses most insurances it does not include all pannels, please call if you have any questions or would like to confirm your insurance eligibility.

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