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Eye Exam in New Braunfels, San Antonio, TX, and Levittown, New York

Everyone Eyecare, with locations in San Antonio, Braunfels, and Levittown, TX, offers you the option to receive annual eye exams, where you can receive screenings, have your vision checked, obtain a prescription for eyewear, and so much more. Though specific recommendations vary based on your age, health, and eye problems, seeing either Dr. Dhimiter Llambiri, Dr. Monica Tadros, Dr. Dana Stern, or Dr. Leah Shanfeld annually can have benefits for your health and quality of life.

What an Annual Eye Exam Includes

At your appointment, a practitioner from our team will provide you with a vision screening to determine if you have a deficit and to what degree. We'll also provide you with a screening for astigmatism, which is an issue where your eye isn't shaped like a ball like usual, and it causes the light to not reflect onto the retina as it should. Instead, it scatters and causes blurry vision.

During your exam, we'll also perform the "puff" test, which helps us assess your eye pressure, among other tests. We'd like to note that you may opt for the most comprehensive of exams to screen for more eye conditions than a standard screening alone. We recommend this particularly as you age and your risk for certain conditions increases.

If you have a vision deficit, we'll figure out your prescription and may have you undergo an evaluation to size you for contacts. This process isn't lengthy or invasive. You merely look into a device that'll take your eye measurements.

Why Receive Yearly Exams

Though some people don't need as frequent exams, routine eye exams at one of our locations in either San Antonio, Braunfels, or Levittown, TX, can ensure you see clearly and never miss a thing.

We can even help you ward off eye problems in the future through education. And any ones that do arise, we can catch them early and assist in slowing the progression as much as possible.

Plus, some changes in your vision are gradual. You don't even notice they're happening until the visual acuity decrease or the eye health issue has progressed. At that point, it's not always reversible. It doesn't help that you could be experiencing headaches and other unpleasant symptoms as a result that you could be chalking up to something else.

At Everyone Eyecare, serving San Antonio, Braunfels, Levittown, TX, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Llambiri, Dr. Tadros, Dr. Stern, and Dr. Shanfeld provide routine eye exams, even yearly, for those who need them. We can then keep your vision optimized and eye health good.

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