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At Everyone Eyecare we believe in eyecare for the whole family, eyecare for everyone! Our commitment to exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our communities coming back again and again.


Choose an exam that is right for you,

  • Annual Eye Exam

  • Contact Lens Exam

  •  Dry Eye Evaluation 

  • Medical Exam

  • Vision Therapy Evaluation

  • Refractive Surgery Comanagment

  • Emergency visit

Everyone Eyecare
Dry Eye Center

Dry eye or Ocular Surface Disease, is an inflammatory condition which affects your tear film and tear production. 


Symptoms include irritation or gritty sensation, burning, tearing, blurred vision, fluctuations in vision, difficulty wearing contact lenses and much more. 

Although there is no major cure for dry eye, there are mutlipe ways to help alleviate symptosm through medicated eye drops, medications or small in office procedures. 


Everyone Eyecare
Vision Therapy

At Everyone Eyecare, Dr. Llambiri believes that every child or adult in need of vision therapy, should be able to attain a personalized vision therapy program. 

Each vision therapy program is custom curated for each patient and is made to be completed in the comfort of their own home. Once an evaluation is completed a patient is provided with their own set schedule and proper training on how to complete therapy activities. From there, patients will return for further training, consultations and progress evaluations up until the final evaluation. 

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