Everyone Eyecare is an optometry office dedicated to personal eyecare. 

It is the perfect fit for every member of the family. We specialize in multiple types of exams and are hear to hand all of your eye care needs.

  • Ocular Health Exams
    Ocular Health Exams

    Our thorough eye exams go beyond vision checks. We assess eye health, screen for diseases, and provide early detection. Trust our expertise for clear, healthy vision. Your eyes deserve the best care.

  • Contact Lens Exams
    Contact Lens Exams

    Contact lenses provide an excellent alternative to glasses. Whether you're new to wearing contacts or had a previous uncomfortable experience that led you to stop using them, rest assured that there's a contact for you.

  • Dry Eye Evaluations
    Dry Eye Evaluations

    Experience relief from dry, red and irritated eyes. Our comprehensive evaluations pinpoint the cause, so you can enjoy clear, comfortable vision once again. Currently, there are many different medications, drops, procedures and even a nasal spray for managing dry eye symptoms.

  • Glaucoma Screenings
    Glaucoma Screenings

    Our screenings detect early signs of glaucoma, a silent sight-stealer. Timely diagnosis is crucial. Let us safeguard your vision and provide peace of mind through regular screenings. Your eyes deserve the best care.

  • Myopia Control
    Myopia Control

    Our Myopia Control solutions slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. Count on our effective treatments to ensure your child's vision stays on the right path. A brighter, clearer future awaits.

  • Vision Therapy Evaluation
    Vision Therapy Evaluation

    Our Vision Therapy services are tailored to enhance eye coordination, focus, and perception. Whether you're dealing with eye strain, lazy eye, or reading difficulties, our personalized programs can help. Discover improved visual skills for a brighter future!

  • Surgical Co-Management
    Surgical Co-Management

    We offer expert surgical co-management for refractive procedures like LASIK, PRK, Cataracts, ICL and many more. Trust us to guide you through every step, ensuring your vision transformation is smooth and successful. We work along side seasoned surgeons that will help provide the best visual outcome.

  • Emergency Eye Exams
    Emergency Eye Exams

    Our Emergency Eye Exams address urgent issues like injuries, infections, and sudden vision changes. Rely on our experienced professionals for immediate attention and peace of mind. Your eye health is our priority.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

We proudly offer retinal imaging at all of our locations. Optomap retinal imaging is a convenient alternative to dilation. Viewing the internal health of your eyes is standard of care and is performed every year. The Optomap is a full picture of the back of the eye. It takes less than a minute and has no side effects. Unlike dilation, there are no drops, waiting period, and side effects. Speak to one of our doctors to see if the Optomap is right for you.

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